Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes meeting with ABC amid ‘GMA3’ suspension: ‘Mess,’ says source

The fate of GMA3's TJ Holmes and Amy Robach is unclear as the two begin an engagement with ABC.

The fate of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach GMA3 It’s not clear as the two begin an engagement with ABC. (Photo: Getty Images)

The fate of ABC News’ Amy Robach and TJ Holmes remains unclear nearly two months after they were taken off the air. those GMA3 A source tells Yahoo Entertainment that the co-anchors have temporarily stepped aside amid their headline-making romance. However, Holmes and Robach — who hired separate high-powered lawyers to navigate the process — may soon have a clue of what’s next.

According to multiple reports, the executives will hold a mediation session with journalists on Thursday regarding their jobs. However, Holmes seems to have a few more problems than Robach.

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Entertainment tonight ABC confirms it has learned of a third woman who allegedly had an office romance with Holmes. The woman, more than a decade younger than Holmes, was a subordinate like the other two.

“This third employee was no secret to many ABC employees, especially those there GMA who worked closely with her during that time,” an insider said ET. “The question now is, will this latest revelation speed up the investigation and force ABC to decide TJ and Amy’s fate sooner rather than later?”

Yahoo confirmed that Holmes’ inter-office dealings were part of ABC’s investigation, but the insider believes his relationship with Robach is different because she’s his age. But, to put it bluntly, the source says: “It’s all a big mess.”

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Neither ABC News nor attorneys for Holmes and Robach would comment.

As the scandal unfolded in early December, ABC News President Kim Godwin stood up for Robach and Holmes, telling staffers that the consensual relationship was “not a violation of company policy,” but the network quickly shifted gears. Holmes and Robach hosted GMA3 Two days after their romance was announced by the press, the network suspended it as it launched an internal review. It was widely reported that Holmes had at least two other affairs. The third was revealed last week. Holmes was married to Marilee Fiebig for a decade before filing for divorce last month.

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A second insider tells Yahoo that none of this should be Robach’s problem.

“It has nothing to do with her,” the source maintains.

A source says the crowd That ABC is struggling to “figure out what the appropriate punishment is,” if any.

“A lot of the show’s higher-ups think they should be fired,” the insider reveals. “But the problem is they can’t fire them, so they’re really in trouble and trying to figure it out.”

Meanwhile, Holmes and Robach ride the drama together. Multiple sources tell Yahoo that the two are “still very much dating.” Their future at ABC is unclear.

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