Angela Surprises Michael by Admitting She’s Considering a Trip to Canada to See a ‘Crush’

90 Days: Angela surprises Michael by admitting she's considering a trip to Canada to see a 'crush'

90 Days: Angela surprises Michael by admitting she’s considering a trip to Canada to see a ‘crush’


The tension between Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi reached another boiling point this week. 90 Day Boyfriend: Happy When?

During a marriage counseling session, Michael revealed that he “still has issues to work out” after admitting to flirting on Instagram in last week’s episode.

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“My biggest problem is that Angela doesn’t trust me,” he said. “She accuses me of flirting with women, but she still talks to Billy.”

He continued, “We’ve been married for two years now, I’m here in Nigeria and she’s in the states. The distance caused some trust issues.”

90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After

90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After


Angela argued that their problems stemmed from him using social media to talk to other women.

“He tells me he loves me, and then he had an Instagram — and I’ll prove it — that we had problems in the marriage because he was talking to women,” she explained. “He’s doing tricks. I mean he’s got me down.”

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Angela then told Michael that he was “really cruel” to the way he treated her.

When asked by the marriage counselor if there was anything he kept from his spouse, he replied, “Nothing really,” insisting that he had not cheated on his wife.

90 Day Boyfriend Recap: Angela Questions Michael's 'Shady Behaviour' After 2 Years Of Long-Distance Marriage  TLC

90 Day Boyfriend Recap: Angela Questions Michael’s ‘Shady Behaviour’ After 2 Years Of Long-Distance Marriage TLC

TLC Angela

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However, Angela revealed that she wanted to tell the truth in an effort to move their relationship forward.

“I have something to tell you,” she began. “Because we’re starting to wipe the slate clean, I put on a duet — have you ever heard of TikTok? — and I had this guy sing a duet. They call him, ‘The First Thief of Hearts.’ His name is Billy.”

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“It started to get attention from you, it didn’t work, it backfired,” she continued. “You ignore me. You know, I had a crush on Billy at the time. A tiktok crush. It’s no big deal. I don’t have a crush on him anymore. No.”

In a confessional, Angela explained her decision to tell Michael about her social media crush, saying, “I decided to tell Michael that I have a crush on my TikTok Billy because we’re both going to move on, we both have to come clean. I want to let him know, I Truthful. Look, it’s not hard to tell the truth. It might be hard, but it’s not hard.”

She repeated in a confessional that her relationship with Billy was platonic.

“Billy is just a crushable man. Look at him. He’s not just good looking. He’s attractive, but that’s a crush,” she shared. “It’s not an affair. And because I love my husband, this relationship will never work out, just like you never stop loving someone.”

90 Days: Angela Confirms Worst Fears - And Threatens Divorce - After Discovering Michael's 'Flirty' Instagram DMs

90 Days: Angela Confirms Worst Fears – And Threatens Divorce – After Discovering Michael’s ‘Flirty’ Instagram DMs


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However, Michael was more upset when he learned that his wife had planned to visit her love in Canada.

“He became my friend during the crush and he had kidney disease,” she said. “What he was going through, I wanted to help him so I told Billy I would come see him.”

But Michael told Angela she was “not going anywhere”, and later rejected her plan even more in a confessional.

“It’s ridiculous. I didn’t expect all of this. For her to have a crush on Billy, it’s all so unexpected, I mean, it’s not appropriate,” he said. “And now it’s too bad if Angela goes to Canada because I’m afraid she’ll be lost to another man.”

He continued, “But I’m crazy about Angela, and I can’t stop it because I love her so much. But at the time, if I put my foot down like I did with the old Instagram, it’s not. Work. So, I want to try a new way to tell Angela about Billy.”

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