Buffy fans support Charisma Carpenter as she calls out ‘problematic’ Angel season 4

Buffy Fans back Charisma Carpenter after criticizing spin-off show the angel.

The actress, who played Cordelia Chase in both series, shared her thoughts on the spin-off after tagging a Twitter post featuring an old photo of actor Matthew Perry and his mother Suzanne.

The Twitter user drew a comparison between Perry’s mother and Carpenter, writing: “Here we go #MatthewPerry with his mother #CharismaCarpenter.”

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Carpenter responded to the tweet by saying: “So problematic the angel Season 4. Only this time I gave birth to someone older than me and it’s some kind of Keanu Reeves-hating monster.

The actor mentioned two things: one, his memoir The Matrix and Perry’s recent comments about John Wick actor Reeves.

those friends The star raised eyebrows after repeatedly questioning why other actors were dying while Reeves was alive. He later apologized for the comments, saying: “I’m actually a big fan of Keanu. I chose a random name, my mistake. I apologize. I should have used my name instead. “

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Carpenter was also referring to an absurd storyline in season four the angelThere she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a full-grown woman named Jasmine (Gina Torres) who has the ability to hypnotize anyone she meets.

the angel Season four is generally maligned by fans, who now feel justified after Carpenter’s tweet.

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Season four Cody was dirty! One fan wrote, while another called her comment “the worst burn I’ve ever heard.”

“You were the best part the angelGod I hated what happened to Cody until the end,” one Twitter user wrote in support of Carpenter, with an additional fan writing: “Let’s not talk about Angel season 4..it doesn’t exist for me.”

Charisma Carpenter Calls ‘Angel’ Season Four ‘Problematic’


In 2021, Carpenter described several instances where he “abused his power” with her on both shows, accusing him of “creating hostile and toxic work environments early in his career.”

She alleged that Whedon abused her after she found out she was pregnant.

The carpenter foresaw the season Newsweek: “I was not crazy the angel Season four, but my pregnancy threw things for a loop. They quickly had to buckle down and put a season together.”

Whedon has yet to respond to Carpenter’s allegations.


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