Business organization looking to attract new residents to downtown Seguin

(Seguin) – Downtown Seguin is the place to be this holiday season. Whether it’s to shop or participate in the number of holiday activities scheduled throughout the month of December, people with the Downtown Business Alliance of Seguin are making sure that families get the invitation to visit the heart of the city this holiday season.

That’s according to Donna Hall, of the Downtown Business Alliance of Seguin. Hall says the invitation to stop in downtown Seguin is especially critical this year with all the new families moving into the area.

“We’ve been talking about all the new people coming to Seguin for a couple of years and it’s challenging because we don’t know how to reach them. So many of the new people who have moved into town, get out And explore downtown. Every day, they come in and go, ‘Oh, my God, this is such a beautiful place. The park is beautiful. I didn’t know this was here. I lived here for six months. It’s like ‘Yes, well, welcome to your new home.’ That’s what we tell them, and we’re like we love it,” said Hall.

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Hall says what better way to welcome new families to the community than to have them participate in all of the scheduled holiday events. She says participating in these events is always a great way to get a sense of what the Seguin community is all about.

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We encourage them to come down and enjoy our holiday festivities Sure. It’s one of the best parts about downtown Seguin, the Sip and Stroll, the North Stroll Pole and the parade, and we just appreciate their support and coming in and finding something unique that can only be found in Seguin,” said Hall.

Hall’s comments were made at this year’s launch of the annual Shop Local, Shop Seguin holiday campaign. The campaign hosted by chambers of commerce and business groups works to encourage shoppers to shop Seguin before spending those dollars elsewhere.

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Hall says the campaign not only encourages people to shop local but also to shop small businesses and, of course, shop in downtown Seguin.

“So, for everybody downtown, it’s important that we remind people that we’re here and that we support the community and our sales taxes and donations to non-profits and it’s from our heart. We do it because we love Seguin And we love downtown,” said Hall.

Those new to the area and wanting to support Seguin’s downtown businesses are asked to follow the Seguin DBA on social media.


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