Dog Struggles To Stay Awake In The Morning, Internet Says Relatable

Watch: Dog Struggling to Stay Awake in the Morning The Internet Says Debatable

Getting up and out of a warm bed in the morning is a task for most of us, especially when one is not an early riser. Even industrialist Anand Mahindra seems to be linked to the problem. Now the Mahindra Group chief has shared a fun video of a dog that perfectly captures this morning’s feeling.

The clip, uploaded to Twitter, shows the Labrador on the bed yawning and struggling to get off the bed. The dog tries to get off the bed by extending his front arms to the floor but ends up lying on the floor before falling asleep again. “I try to get out of bed every morning,” the text of the video reads.

Agreeing, Anand Mahendra wrote, “Well, not every morning..but weekends, yeah, that sure sounds familiar!”

The video has more than 63,000 views on Twitter and has resonated with many users.

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“Sir, why do you get out of bed all weekend! Unless it’s to eat. And that looks so familiar on weekdays!” user said.

Another wrote: “This stretch is good for the spine.”

Someone wrote: “Could relate to myself.”

Some said the struggle is more during the winter.

A comment read: “It hurts how true this is.”

One person wrote, “Dogs have traveled so far with humans that they understand and have even begun to follow human behavioral patterns and routines.”

Another user joked, “I think this urge came lying on the bed. Lol.”

Sleep is definitely on most of us’ priority list.

One user even made a suggestion. “Weekend, one should do it at noon,” the caption read.

So, are you one of those early risers or are you a night owl?

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