Experts say artificial intelligence will take jobs but also create new ones

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Modern artificial intelligence tools seem to be able to do what humans can do faster, but this means that some people may be out of work.

Artificial intelligence experts said that the technology will in fact create a large number of job opportunities.

Jobs like middle managers, salespeople, writers and journalists, bookkeepers and accountants, and doctors who specialize in things like drug interactions are “doomed” when it comes to the possibility of AI. integrated into their jobs.

Jobs like this will all use AI but won’t necessarily be replaced by AI entirely, Ballmer said.

“It won’t replace you. Someone who knows how to use it well will take your job, and that’s a guarantee,” she said.

By 2025, the World Economic Forum predicts that 85 million jobs will be replaced by automation and technology, but it will also create 97 million new jobs.

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This is something the nation has seen before, specifically in the auto industry.

“While an auto worker may be displaced because he is not as good at welding or drawing as a robot, there are probably 35 people who have to be involved in creating and maintaining this machine that welds better than anyone,” he said.

At Carbon Robotics, former auto workers build a Detroit laser weeder for farms.

“It’s a direct result of the history of the automotive industry that we have this skill set available to all of us in one place,” said founder and CEO Paul Mikesell.

According to Michaels, the laser weeder, which is still human-powered but AI-powered, can do the work of 40 to 80 people.

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“It is difficult to find labor every year, especially agricultural labor. An artificial intelligence system like ours that can do this job automatically saves a lot of time, money and effort,” he said.

Some of the music is solely composed by an AI called Aiva. It’s trained on tens of thousands of classic tracks and even has an album that you can stream.

AI music is affordable, and there is no producer, composer or artist to pay.

“It takes away the opportunity from songwriters, producers, artists, people who are trying to feed their families,” said Carl Fowlkes, entertainment and business attorney at The Fowlkes Firm.

Something similar is happening in the art world.

Artist Carla Ortiz and two others have filed a class action lawsuit against three AI art firms for copyright infringement.

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Ortiz claims that they use her name and her art to train the AI.

The life of an artist is not easy. It is feast and famine for most of us. We go job after job, and what happens when there is less work to do? ” She said.

Stability AI, one of the companies cited, says the lawsuit misunderstood how copyright law and artificial intelligence work, adding that it intends to “defend ourselves, massive generative AI must expand the creative power of humanity.”

The other two companies did not respond.

“I never thought we’d be here. It’s like a science fiction movie,” Ortiz said.

We are just human, Palmer said, and artificial intelligence is useful.

This will not kill us. She said, “She’s coming to help us.”


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