Gillette showcases stadium reno, razor with mixed reality segment during ‘MNF’

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During the Chicago Bears-New England Patriots game on Monday, October 24, 2022, television viewers were shown a mixed reality advertisement for Gillette, a sequence that included the addition of virtual skeletal elements and a giant razor blade to the virtual space.

This part is designed to showcase the Gillette men’s razor with the peel feature that is part of the Gillette Labs brand.

It depicts the Patriot’s mascot, the Patriot, entering a room, likely somewhere within the stadium, and flipping a giant switch that “activates” the mixed reality portion of the ad.

At this point the scene shifted to the field before the camera was panned up as bright green wireframe animations were used to “build” a large tower and a virtual video board that extends much of the view of the north side of the stadium.

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In an interesting twist, this mixed reality element is actually a preview of what’s going to happen in real life – the Patriots are working on a $225 million renovation of the stadium that will add a 22,000-square-foot video board and 220-foot lighthouse, a nod to a smaller existing landmark near the stadium entrance. .

What is not, however, is the beacon’s ability to shoot a green beam of light onto the field, forming a large circular platform that rotates like a coin that is flipped to reveal the magnetic base of the shaver product.

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Next, virtual pieces of a giant razor fly from the north side of the field, with some joining and others growing to form a full 3D model of the razor. The sequence also places special emphasis on the “peel bar,” a part that falls under the blades thanks to its bright green color and some glowing effects.

The clip did not include any audio commentary or narration, relying instead on background music and virtual on-screen motion to showcase the product, which has the advantage of being fairly straightforward.


The sequence is designed as an “in-game” advertisement designed to try to draw more attention to the advertiser’s message by making it appear that it is part of the game.

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This mixed reality division was created in partnership with the NFL, Gillette (a division of Proctor and Gamble), virtual production company The Future Group and the Kraft Group, a sports marketing and marketing company owned by Patriot owner Robert Kraft.

Gillette has had naming rights for the stadium since 2002, with a recently signed agreement extending through 2031.

The stadium will be renamed Gillette Labs Stadium once it opens for the 2023 season.

Back in 2016, Amazon added a giant virtual Amazon Echo to its ice rink in Rockefeller Plaza while covering the election, and other brands and outlets have experimented with similar chips in the years since.


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