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Do you like scary movies?

You don’t need to rent a horror movie this Halloween to feel scared – just look at what President Biden and the Democrats have been up to since they took control of the White House and Congress. Inflation is at a 40-year high. It can cost a Montana family over $100 just to fill up their tank. Fentanyl from the open southern border is ruining Montana. Energy projects that pay well have been eliminated. Our small town communities are no longer safe, and cities across the country are experiencing exponential increases in violent crime. The state of America today is dire.

But this time, the villain is not Freddy Kruger, or Michael Myers – the boogeyman in this movie is President Biden and the Democrats.

Since Biden became president and Democrats controlled both the House and Senate, inflation has increased by 13% across the country. In Montana, prices rose 15.6%. The number alone is enough to send pain down your spine, but what it means for Montana families is even more terrifying. It is estimated that because of inflation, Montanans spend $802 more per month. Folks are forced to tighten their budgets just so the federal government can spend, spend, spend. And to make matters worse, while gas, grocery and rent prices have increased, wages have not kept up, resulting in pay cuts for Montanans.

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And while practically everyone got a pay cut, some lost their jobs completely. Biden and the Democrats’ anti-domestic energy production policies are killing Montana energy jobs to galvanize green radicals. Canceling the Keystone pipeline isn’t enough for them — the Democrats’ so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” contains plenty of anti-made-in-America and Montana-made energy, such as raising royalty rates for offshore and onshore oil. and gas production and increase the minimum bid for oil and gas leases five times. We live in a real life energy crisis and are led by a party hellbent on making it worse.

This financial crisis we are living through shows no signs of getting better anytime soon. If you’re asking yourself why the nation is in this economic nightmare, look no further than the nearly $2 trillion in tax and spending legislation that President Biden and Democrats in Congress passed after he took office. Even some liberal economists claim this reckless partisan law set off crushing inflation that continues to hurt Montanans everyday. More recently the president managed to make things worse with his student loan giveaway. Despite the warning signs of a recession flashing in his face, the president is shifting elite debt to middle- and lower-class Americans who are already struggling under the weight of the inflationary crisis. In fact, economists estimate this move alone will cost the average American taxpayer $2,500 this year.

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A dwindling bank account isn’t the only thing Montanans are worried about this scary season. Our community is suffering from an epidemic of violent crime. Last year, 12 major US cities broke all-time homicide records; in the first half of this year, violent crime increased by another 4.2% nationally. There are many reasons for this rise in crime, including the Democrats’ radical and dangerous anti-police agenda. But one of the most important catalysts is Biden’s open southern border. Without a secure southern border, illegal immigrants and illegal drugs flood our communities, making families less safe.

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Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for America’s youth. In the first half of this year, almost twice as much fentanyl was taken off the streets in Montana than in all of 2021, and 58 times more fentanyl than in 2019. Montana law enforcement officers are clear – this uptick in dangerous drugs immediately. the result of Biden’s open southern border. This crisis is happening in our backyard, and it’s terrifying.

The scariest part of this terrible season is that there is no end to it if President Biden and the Democrats stay in control. Good news? There is an election on November 8 that could help put an end to this hair-raising nightmare.

Republican US Senator Steve Daines lives in Bozeman.


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