HAWKWINDof Nick Turner Died at the age of 82. Turner’s death was confirmed in a post from him Facebook Page. The statement read: “We are deeply saddened to announce our passing Nick Turner – The Might Thunder Rider, passed away peacefully at home on Thursday evening. He has moved on to the next phase of his cosmic journey guided by the love of his family, friends and fans. Watch this space for his arrangements.”

TurnerInexhaustible saxophone and flute playing co-founder of space rock legends HAWKWIND, was a major creative force during the group’s most critically acclaimed and successful period, 1969-1976. His flamboyant costumes, improvised sax and flute playing, and general wild-man persona became iconic representations of the band, and he went on to write some of their most popular songs, including himself. “Brainstorming” and “Master of the Universe”. After leaving HAWKWIND, Turner He used his newfound freedom to travel to Egypt, where he soaked up the history and culture, and recorded his flute music in the king’s chamber in the Great Pyramid of Cheps. In 1985, Turner Relocated to the west side of Wales where he established a New Age community in a rather rural, isolated area. He has continued to release new music throughout 2013 “Space Gypsy” And 2015 “A Space Fusion Odyssey”.

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Turner He was simply one of the most creative minds of his generation. His tenure with HAWKWIND It was just the beginning of his journey to the outer limits of the rock music universe Turner An amazingly adventurous and diverse catalog of solo albums is also set to be released. His collaboration with everyone from UK SUBS A guitarist Nicky Garrett to the Doors A guitarist Robbie Krieger to the Todd Rundgren With this Steve Hillage in GONG, AMON DUÜL II the creator John Weincierle, DIE KRUPPS leader Jürgen Engler and many others expanded his creativity and brought a new generation of music fans to his audience. Just reissued this year Turner‘s incredible performances are fantastic, “Rites of Space 1994”As a CD/DVD set as well as a three-LP set, guests are included Helios Creed in Chrome and Psycho TVof Genesis p-orig as well as HAWKWIND Alumni Del Detmar and Alan Powell.

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In a 2016 interview with Psychic baby magazine, Turner He expressed how it was for him to see his old friends Lemmy, Kevin Ayers, David Allen, Mick Farron and Keith Emerson “Well, this is all very sad, but we all have to go some time, so I try to make my life as complete as possible, spread as much love, heal as many people as possible and give what I can. .”

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Nik Turner – The Might Thunder Rider, who passed away peacefully…

Posted by Nik Turner on Friday, November 11, 2022


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