Here’s how 19-year-old Appalla Saikiran is making lives of investors and entrepreneurs easy

The emergence of entrepreneurship in India came with the Make in India campaign. The campaign and vision was further exposed when the lockdown phase came, and an infinite number of people either lost interest in their work profiles or lost their jobs. The shift in the course of work for himself came here. To break the stigmas, teenagers and young children are now entering the entrepreneurial world to introduce their unique products and services in the market. This is the story of Appalla Saikiran, a 19-year-old youth who received huge recognition from US. US-based companies in India and other organizations at prestigious events.

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Appalla Saikiran launched the SCOPE APP under the organization Studentex Pvt Ltd. He created the app to create a unified platform for investors, business mentors, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and professional associates to connect, collaborate and convert ideas into full-blown businesses. Saikiran has been inspired by Elon Musk most of his life and strongly feels that his success and determination paved the way for him to pursue his dream and create something massive at such a young age.

Appalla Saikiran has received several accolades and published several journals and articles in prestigious journals. Furthermore, SCOPE app aspires to become a dominant player in the Indian market for professional networking. Besides being a unified networking platform, the SCOPE app is also enabled to collect data and analyze the latest economic and start-up trends in the market to determine the most suitable investment option that could potentially increase the return on investment (ROI).

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At such a young age, Appalla Saikiran was chosen as one of the top 11 successful teenage entrepreneurs in India by a renowned ed-tech company known as the Big Red Group. In addition, he won the Global Kids Achiever’s Award for designing the SCOPE app. He also created a space for himself in the Junio ​​SEO program, certified by Brown University.

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My vision for the SCOPE app is broad. I aim to make it one-stop-shop solutions that cater to the needs of all startups in the Indian market“, says Sakiran. He also shares that he aims to cross 1.5 million downloads on the SCOPE app in the next six months and simultaneously create immersive marketing strategies and campaigns to generate awareness and enhance the brand image for the clientele.


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