“I Hadn’t Started Dating Cherelle”: Brittney Griner Understood Coach Kim Mulkey Wouldn’t ‘Get It’ Way Before Their Struggles

Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner had a tough road to the WNBA. She found that she was distant from other children and did not understand this as a child. BG often struggled to express herself to people for fear of being judged for who she was. Griner once revealed that she felt her former Baylor University coach Kim Mulkey didn’t fully understand her perspective and struggles, even before their differences.


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BG spoke about her relationship with Coach Mulkey in her 2014 autobiographical memoir, In My Skin: My Life on and Off the Basketball Court. The eight-time All-Star revealed she had reservations about her new life after being selected by the Phoenix Mercury in the 2013 WNBA draft. Brittney Griner felt a little nervous about being away from Houston and leaving her old life behind, including her friends and family.

Brittney Griner believed that Kim Mulkey did not fully understand her problems

Former Baylor coach Mulkey noticed Griner’s struggles and asked if he was having problems with his girlfriend. BG told Mulkey that she didn’t have a girlfriend or any girlfriend problems. Brittney Griner wrote, “That was the truth. I broke up with my girlfriend in Atlanta and I didn’t start dating Cherelle.”

Griner explained to her coach that she has a lot going on in her head. However, she refrained from opening up about it because she didn’t feel Mulkey ‘got’ her like her friends did. BG pointed out that Mulkey would have understood her if she had expressed more. However, Griner always felt a kind of ‘disconnection’ with Mulkey because she didn’t know if her coach fully accepted her.

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Griner’s and Mulkey’s differences

Griner explained that she could never figure out where it all went wrong between her and Kim Mulkey. However, she didn’t like the way Mulkey behaved differently in public and in private. BG shared an incident where she was spotted kissing her girlfriend in a movie theater.


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Mulkey called Griner into her office and talked about it. However, the LSU coach did not take responsibility for the criticism. She tried to act like an ordinary messenger, claiming that her personal feeling was different. BG admitted that the conversation with Mulkey caused her a lot of pain and confusion.

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Therefore, the relationship between Brittney Griner and Mulkey was rocky during her time at Baylor from 2009-13. Unfortunately, Griner never felt comfortable enough to share her true thoughts with her former coach, Kim Mulkey.

Recently, following the detention of Brittney Griner in Russia, Mulkey again attracted media attention for refusing to speak on the matter. However, she later cleared the air by praying for her speedy return home.


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