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The truth is that the government has mismanaged our forests forever and for ten years, LaMalfa was the leader of the arsonists. For 30 years, they have allowed unscrupulous companies like Sierra Pacific to clear our forests. especially around Mount Lassen, where the Dixie Fire raged.

Look on Google maps and see half the forest is a clear cut board with no replanting of new trees. What they are trying to plant does not have water, shade, or soil to thrive. The family has a cabin by Lassen, and we have been on every dirt road and have watched drastic changes, from climate change, yes, but mostly with this clear cut.

When the forest is clear cut, the edges of the tree are dry so that beetles can enter healthy trees. The trees keep the snow cold. The clear cut evaporates before the water enters the soil. It also allows erosion and without good soil and duff trees cannot grow back. Add to the mess and slash and healthy trees cut down and left to die by the Forestry Department, Sierra Pacific, and PGE there is still a lot of slash to burn what is left of our forest and no one is cleaning it up.

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The Forest Service and PGE left a large clearing, right behind the Mill Creek home, which is 1/3 mile from the Dixie Fire. They are still there. No one is worried about burning up Mill Creek or Mineral and the next fire.

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Same as Chester, it didn’t burn, like Greenville, but it almost did and nobody did anything to help the people living in the LaMalfa mountain area, which is still ripe for burning in the non-burning area. All the damage has happened with LaMalfa.

Well, now because of inaction by both parties, mostly Republicans, we have a one-million-acre clear cut and so many trees have been burned and removed, it looks like a black moonscape. The factory cannot handle all the trees that come out of the mountain. There is a pile of humongous trees, littered over the burn scars waiting to be transported. Open several factories to repair the trees before they rot and get a job.

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Another big failure of LaMalfa’s. He didn’t have a job in the Northern States and then, he stole North American water for water-hungry farmers and cities in the south, destroying all our tributaries, fishing, and wildlife in the process. There are many things LaMalfa has done to destroy water, forests and trust in government.

Multi-millionaires took 5 million in COVID money, but voted against food stamps for children, so they could afford LaMalfa rice. Rice should not be grown in waterless conditions, because its water use is incredible, and it creates tons of smoke to pollute our air, when it is harvested.

– Pat Johnston, Red Bluff


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