Let’s talk about Uncle Howdy

Bray Wyatt is back in action smack down Last night (October 28). He closed the show, the third time he had done so since returning to the venue Extreme rules.

The former WWE and Universal champion spoke about his problems again. Wyatt’s emotional and mental health has been a theme throughout his run, and this promo builds on the psychological aspect that was one of last Friday’s easter eggs. Bray feels overwhelmed or underwhelmed, which has taken him to some dark places and led him to do dangerous things. But he continued to describe what we see now as the best version of himself, even though he might do horrible things again in the future.

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It was largely a recap of what he said in his other two recent promos, delivered in Wyndham Rotunda’s signature charismatic style. This time we mostly got the character who cut to Bray and responded… a character we can now officially call Uncle Howdy.

Howdy wears a rather rough-looking mask*, which sometimes appears to be wearing another mask as well (which looks like the one we saw Bray when he returned in Philadelphia last month). In a callback to a recent hidden clue, he calls himself “the ghost of the man who sold the world.” With Wyatt apparently being “the man who sold the world,” that makes him the ghost of Howdy Bray, I guess?

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The biggest claim here is that Wyatt is a liar. He claims to show us his true form without any mask, but Howdy says he still wears it. What Bray calls the best version of himself, his “uncle” says is just a shell of his former greatness—probably because Wyatt sent “him” away (the screen quickly flashes to what appears to be The Fiend as Howdy delivers this line).

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Our latest QR code supports Howdy’s claims. Which brings us to this image, which is reminiscent of what the Riddler would have sent to one of his targets in Matt Reeves’. Batman

The image’s source code eerily claims that the man responsible can “see” the real Wyatt beneath his generic mask.

Whether or not the character ends up being played by someone else, it still seems clear to me that Windham Rotunda is the voice at the moment, and at least the opening act for Bray Wyatt’s latest WWE run will be feuding with him. How we get there is anyone’s guess at this point.

The guesswork comes fast and furious, of course. Many are connected to Rotunda’s real-life family. Many people have pointed out the similarity between Bray’s uncle and Barry Windham’s Howdy mask:

Some people think that the fact that we could see an Uncle Howdy cross earring was a deliberate prank by Bo Dallas, Bray’s supposed returning brother:

One theory floating around is that Vincent and Dutch will be rumored to be playing roles linked to Uncle Howdy, requiring Bray to back off his sleazy ways, while Bo and Barry Windham will appear as soldiers for the as-yet-unrevealed Uncle Harper. War for Wyatt’s Soul.

As critics and others can understand how WWE has presented Bray’s comments in the past, it could be a huge mess! But I don’t know where this run will go in a month. For those who dig this kind of immersive storytelling and/or are intrigued by trying to do something different from a traditional pro wrestling angle, it’s pretty cool. Other than that, Wyatt hasn’t hinted at being involved in anything else smack downSo if this isn’t for you, it’s easy to skip.

So if you like it, give us your guesses! If you’re not, enjoy what will apparently be a Wyatt-free one The crown jewel!

* That got me thinking This sketch By the genius of Tim Robinson I think you should quit. It really ruins the vibe going for Bray and company in a way. But on the other hand, I could totally see Uncle Howdy despairing, “We worked too much…I don’t even want to be around anymore.”


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