Majestic Cruise Ship With 800 COVID Cases Docks in Sydney

  • A cruise ship carrying 800 people who have tested positive for coronavirus has docked in Sydney.
  • The cruise operator’s president said cases began to increase midway through the voyage.
  • Australia reported 54,661 cases of COVID last week.

A cruise ship suffering a major COVID outbreak docks in Sydney, Australia.

About 4,600 passengers and crew were aboard the luxurious Majestic Princess, with 800 affected by the virus, the BBC reported.

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Cruise operator Carnival Australia’s president Marguerite Fitzgerald told the ABC they were starting to see a number of cases midway through the 12-day New Zealand cruise, all of which were either asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.

She told the news outlet, “Given the increase in community transmission, we are also seeing more guests testing positive for COVID-19 on the Majestic Princess’ current voyage. This is the result of our mass testing of 3,300 guests.”

She added that staff would assist all COVID-positive guests “with the use of private transportation and accommodation to complete their isolation period,” according to the ABC.

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According to the Guardian, one passenger told the ABC: “It was scary because we heard about it, but of course we tested negative and Princess Majesty was very good about protocol. [We] Wearing masks for 7 days, we were very careful when we went ashore. “

Carnival Australia did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Coronavirus cases have surged across Australia, with 54,661 cases reported nationwide last week, the Guardian said.

According to Reuters, Australian authorities have been working to reassure the public that the outbreak on the ship is under control. Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said authorities had “regular protocols” in place since the March-April 2020 outbreak of the Ruby Princess, when hundreds of people were spotted on an Australian cruise ship off the coast of New Zealand. COVID-19-related virus and killed 28 people.

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O’Neill told Reuters that authorities were determining “case by case” how to get passengers off the bus.

The ship is about to depart for Melbourne, Australia.


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