Martha Stewart Calls Out Mariah Carey For Promoting Christmas Music: ‘You Cannot Give Up Thanksgiving!’

There is further debate about whether christmas Celebrations should begin in early November or after the Thanksgiving holiday and now Martha Stewart and Mary Carey are entering the battle.

Stewart voiced her opinion during a recent appearance on the “TODAY” show. She called Carey someone who would start talking about Christmas the day after Halloween.

“Maria, you know me, I am traditionally naughty. You can’t skip Thanksgiving because you don’t like turkey,” the 81-year-old TV personality shared. “I love Turkey, and many other people love Turkey. So don’t think we’re giving up thanksgiving just because you say so.

A follow-up post on the “TODAY” show Twitter page mentioned Carrey again.

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“‘You can’t skip Thanksgiving!’ “@MarthaStewart is pleading with @MariahCarey to slow her roll after the singer posted a video on social media celebrating the end of Halloween and skipping straight to Christmas,” the tweet read. “Maria, what do you say?”

Carey responded by saying that even though she prepares early for Christmas, she still has respect for Thanksgiving.

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“Dear Martha!! I will never give up Thanksgiving!!” Carey wrote in her Answers. “But we can still start getting into the festive spirit!”

She added, “PS I would love for you to attend my Thanksgiving dinner even though I haven’t invited you to your Thanksgiving yet! And that’s key! Esp if Snoop is coming!”

Stewart’s original comments were no doubt in response to Carey sharing an Instagram post showing the singer swapping her Halloween costume for Christmas decorations to her famous song “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

This song has been a hit every holiday season since its release in 1994. It has sold 16 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling Christmas song by a female artist.

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Many commenters on Twitter were on the Christmas team, pointing out that most of the world doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

“Girl, Mary is a global spokesperson for Christmas right now. “Every country celebrates Thanksgiving or doesn’t know what it is,” one person said shared.

“Shut up Martha, Mary loves all holidays and does Thanksgiving too,” added another Agreed.

“Mary is the Queen of Christmas, whenever she says it’s time…it’s time,” a third Twitter user said Confirmed.


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