Mastercard Launches Intelligence Platform For Financial Strategies

Mastercard has launched the Treasury Intelligence Platform, which aims to give businesses more insights into payment flows.

Payments processing giant Mastercard launched its Global Treasury Intelligence platform this month, which aims to provide businesses and governments with greater visibility into payment flows.

The cloud intelligence platform has many use cases and leverages Mastercard’s wealth of data on payments, which it has amassed as the world’s second largest payment processing company after Visa.

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With the smart platform, businesses can see all major payment metrics in a unified dashboard. For corporate treasurers, this allows them to analyze the benefits and drawbacks of changing invoice dates, frequency, or payment type. Operations managers can identify risks by analyzing spending patterns. To better understand supply chain risks, Mastercard has integrated KYS (Know Your Supplier) and ESG ratings into the platform.

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By standardizing all data sources, Mastercard hopes to offer an integrated solution that can be used by all employees in an organization.

“A company’s health does not lie in one team or one silo. Through Global Treasury Intelligence, we provide the broad, interconnected perspectives our customers need to make smarter decisions with better outcomes across their organizations,” said Raj Seshadri, Chief Data and Services Officer at Mastercard. “This solution is a strong addition to our suite of insights and analytics services. The insights you provide will help our customers realize the full value of innovative Mastercard solutions such as Track BPS and Mastercard Instant Pay.”

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Mastercard built the intelligence platform in partnership with AI-powered analytics engine Robobai, which has already partnered with organizations like Accenture, Deloitte, and PwC. One of Robobai’s goals is to move companies away from spreadsheets for forecasting, and into real-time data solutions that more accurately visualize company flows.

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“HSBC is an early adopter of Mastercard’s global treasury information due to the insights it gives us into our customers’ needs. By opening up this data-driven collaboration with our customers, we see how best to help them achieve their goals for in the closet.


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