Mobile assessment app PainChek forays into hospitals via InterSystems partnership

PainChek, the developer of an ASX-listed mobile pain assessment app that has been widely used in the aged care sector, is now entering the global hospital market through its recent partnership with InterSystems.

What is it about

Through this partnership, PainChek will use the InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform to integrate with EMR systems, including InterSystems TrakCare, which manages more than one billion health records worldwide.

The platform will convert PainChek’s custom message formats to HL7 and FHIR standards, allowing it to expand its ability to serve new markets such as the hospital sector, as well as home care. Nowadays, HL7 is widely used in hospitals while FHIR is most commonly approved in home care.

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why does it matter

PainChek uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to accurately detect and assess pain levels.

It has been used in more than 1,300 aged care facilities in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Singapore. The app has been shown to facilitate improvements in pain management with one study revealing that its adoption in elderly care resulted in a 20% reduction in the use of benzodiazepines and antipsychotic medications.

Applying the same technology in the hospital sector for the first time will bring similar benefits, according to InterSystems. For example, in the emergency department, accurate pain assessments would make triage “more effective.” Building on previous EMR integrations of PainChek’s geriatric application, pain assessments are automatically entered into the resident’s registry, making them available for clinical decision support solutions to improve pain management.

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Big trend

While this latest global partnership marks PainChek’s first foray into the hospital market, it’s no stranger to in-hospital applications. The company owns I partnered with the Ramsey Hospital Research Foundation and Edith Cowan University in a two-year research study to investigate ways to slow or halt the progression of weakness among hospital patients using a mobile pain assessment app.

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In other news, PainChek is now working on a copy of the Pain assessment application for children with nonverbal disabilities. Its development was supported by a $260,000 grant from the Western Australian Government.

on record

“We know from experience in aged care how important connectivity is to electronic medical record (EMR) systems. InterSystems IRIS for Health makes this easy and increases our ability to connect to hospitals and, in the future, other sectors such as home care that will also benefit from,” said Philip Davas, PainChek CEO, on their partnership with InterSystems, It’s an easy-to-use and reliable pain assessment.


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