Mumbai-based ‘Funeral Service’ Startup Leaves Internet Divided

As more people enter the world of entrepreneurship, India has seen a flood of startups that are still expanding. Businesses with unique selling propositions have grown exponentially, and some of them even make us wonder if we need them. At India International Trade Fair 2022 which was held recently at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, where many new companies showcased their innovations and business ideas, one such project has now come to light. The booth set up by the Funeral Services Management Organization captured people’s attention.

IAS official Awanish Charan recently took to Twitter to share a picture of Sukhant Funeral Management Private Limited’s booth at the Delhi Trade Fair. The startup also showed off a sample of a “casket” or “arthe” with rose petals scattered all over the side. “Why would such a ‘startup’ be needed?” Sharan tweeted, and most of us would agree to that question.

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The Mumbai-based startup aims to offer a dignified and respectful farewell to the deceased. The company specializes in funeral ritual planning and offers the best funeral solutions like Shradhannjali, Pre-Plan Funeral and Antim Sanskar.

The tweet saw several comments by netizens who went on to question the need for such a service while some pointed to the practicality of the service in the case of nuclear families.

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One user wrote, “The population and unavailable local work drove kids to go into the cities and abroad leaving their families behind. This has led to the success of such startups.. in a way that is now an essential service.”

Another rightly noted, “Such a start-up also came to the Sharks of India last season. If I recall correctly.”

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A third user wrote: “I can only imagine how the founder of this company would have set his goals on a yearly basis, unfortunately it’s the need of the hour.”

Many social media users have shown interest in the Sukhant Funeral kiosk with most of the people regarding the service as a boon for those who are in nuclear families.

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