Pakistan Man Throws A Biryani Feast For Indian Visitors, Wins Internet

Pakistani man hosts biryani feast for Indian visitors and wins internet

Video host jokes: ‘Give us Virat Kohli, you may take the cup’

When someone travels to a foreign land, there is always a feeling of unease. But that feeling soon turns into an exhilarating experience when the visitor receives a warm welcome. This is what happened to an Indian family who visited Pakistan to attend a tennis match for their daughter and was greeted by a local resident after they asked him for a lift. A video clip depicting the tragic accident has now spread.

The video, which was uploaded to Twitter, begins with a Pakistani national named Tahir Khan who has connected a family from Hyderabad. Tahir said the family was on their way to attend an international tennis tournament in Islamabad. And when he learned that the people belonged to India, he insisted that they come to his office and eat with him. In the clip, we see the family feasting on some Hyderabadi biryani with Tahir and they share their fun experiences in the neighboring country.

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“I want my Indian friends and followers to watch this video. An Indian family is visiting Pakistan to attend a tennis match for their daughter in Islamabad. They met a good friend of mine Tahir Khan and asked for a lift. They shared their experience in the video. This is actually Pakistan,” the text attached to the video reads. . In the video, the host also sees a joke, “Aap Virat Kohli humein de do, aap trophy lekar jayein (Give us Virat Kohli, you can get the trophy).” India and Pakistan are competing in the T20 World Cup to win the first prize and Mr. Kohli put in an amazing show in the series.

In the next clip, the girl, who participated in the tennis match, confirmed that she did not expect such a warm welcome and loved the hospitality of the Pakistani people.

The clips garnered many views on Twitter and elicited warm reactions from users.

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“I can vouch for the same hospitality he gave my uncle when he went to Lahore in 2018…no shopkeeper accused him once he said he was from India…friendship will always go on…cricket banter will go on too,” one wrote.

Another said, “I have watched many YouTube vloggers…every one of them praised the hospitality of the Pakistani people…they are great hosts…because of the mixture of Arabic and sub-continental values.”

“The only thing I tell you is that people on both sides are always good. One comment said that politics keeps people in trouble.

So, what do you have to say about it?

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