Phone Bhoot movie review: Katrina Kaif-Ishaan-Siddhant film is painfully unfunny

One would have thought this one-line idea – two guys playing with a funky female ghost – would be worth making. As if someone had been shaken, not in a good way at all, suffering from a terrible sense of humor.Phone boot‘, can you please tell me if someone is wrong first. So, wrong.

Gullu (Ishaan Khatter) and Major (Siddhant Chaturvedi) are crazy adventure fans. We know this because some interior decorators had fun filling their bachelor pads with crazy lights, weird masks, and creepy red-eyed figures. As money-making ideas go, chasing ghosts is nothing short of insanely original: remember the still flat-out funny Hollywood comedy ‘Ghostbusters’ and its sequels? But taking an idea is one thing, turning it into a film with the necessary intelligence is another. and smiles.

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The appearance of Ragini (Katrina Kaif), who quickly reveals that she is a ghost on a mission, sinks in before the film even begins. Kaif has shown that she can do well if given a well-written role: Remember ‘Zero’, where she was the only thing worth watching? Here, in slick leathers, boots and bracelets, she’s given some cheesy lines that might fly if their delivery weren’t so flat. It affects the film from start to finish.

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When other characters come along, you get your hopes up. There is Jackie Shroff as Atmaram, an evil black-robed demon who lures poor mortals in need of ‘moksha’ only to deceive them forever. Sheeba Chadha, who speaks Hindi with a Bengali accent, is the wild-eyed, ‘alt-pair-wali chudail’. Sadly, her makeup is better than her visuals.

Before you ask why Bengali, let me tell you that the writers are clearly pushing for national integration, Gullu Tamil, a predominantly Punjabi language (there’s even a lush grey-haired ghost creature who breaks into ‘Bhangra’). In an underground cave there is a costumed, professional and cavorting assemblage. When not flashing a beaming smile and twirling a stick that emits green light rays, Shroff is the only one to speak Tapori and address his henchmen as ‘Bidu’.

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There must be a movie lurking somewhere under this mess. But we get a wrong number.

Phone Bhoot Movie Cast: Katrina Kaif, Ishaan Kattar, Siddhantha Chaturvedi, Jackie Shroff, Sheeba Chadha
Phone Bhoot Movie Director: Gurmeet Singh
Phone Bhoot Movie Review: 1 star


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