Raintree Systems Unveils EMR Mobile App for ABA Providers

Temecula, California.And the November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Raintree Systems, a leading provider of electronic health records (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) software solutions to the treatment and rehabilitation industry, today announced the release of a mobile app for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) providers that greatly simplifies daily note-taking. during patient visits and enables better management of complex billing scenarios.

The mobile app is built around the workflow of collecting ABA data during appointments with patients, who are primarily children with autism. It is important when working with these children that ABA providers be able to quickly free their hands during the session. A mobile application allows these providers to put a smartphone in their pocket.

In recent years, ABA providers have been able to use iPads during therapy sessions, but sometimes find children distracted by other tablet uses; Raintree’s new mobile app removes the possibility of this kind of conflict during a session.

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Streamlining real-time data collection and visit documentation provides more time for ABA providers to focus on their patients’ needs. Application features:

  • Eliminate duplication of data entry
  • Record the patient’s signature as needed
  • Ability to document session notes and treatment times along with collateral patient data
  • Patient information and files at hand without additional searching

Data collected by providers through the mobile app is automatically sent to Raintree’s electronic medical records (EMR) platform, ensuring 1) the latest patient data is immediately available to other treatment providers, such as physiotherapists and speech therapists, and 2) all Relevant patient records, including billing, appointments and clinical information, can be accessed in a single database.

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The Raintree mobile app allows ABA providers to collect data even if they lack an internet connection. This is a huge benefit because many ABA therapies take place in schools, patients’ homes, and other locations that may lack a reliable internet connection. Once the ABA Provider is able to get back online, the recorded data is synced to the main Raintree database. User authentication ensures compliance with HIPAA patient privacy requirements.

“Until now, our customers have been limited in their ability to enter ABA data using a phone-sized device or collect information offline,” he said. Nick HedgesRaintree CEO. “In a clinical setting, being able to collect this information easily, while directly interacting with children with autism can be a daunting task. This smartphone app will help caregivers handle data collection efficiently so they can spend more time interacting with their patients. “

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For more information about Raintree systems, please visit raintreeinc.com.

About Raintree Systems

Raintree is the preeminent platform for treatment providers and mid-sized organizations. They have a proven track record of success and client satisfaction by providing solutions in patient engagement, communication, clinical documentation, revenue cycle management (RCM), business intelligence/analytics for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology and ABA across all treatment settings. From pediatrics to geriatrics, Raintree has over 2,500 apps and more than 25,000 daily users. Its commitment to “Software as a Relationship” uniquely sets it apart from other providers on the market. To learn more about Raintree, visit https://www.raintreeinc.com/.

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