‘Rewind AI’ records everything you do on your Mac

We do a lot on our computers every day, and while apps like web browsers let you keep track of your browsing history, there’s no easy way to go back in time to check something you’ve worked on – until now. Rewind AI has announced a new app that records everything you do on your Mac, so you can refresh your memory anytime you want.

A new way to get back what you do on your Mac

As the name suggests, Rewind AI software records everything you’ve seen, said or heard while using your Mac. With these recordings, users can easily go back to a specific time of day to rewatch it. But the app goes beyond just saving a long screen recording.

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There aren’t many details about the technologies behind the app, but the company’s website says it uses “mind-boggling compression” that can log a massive amount of data without a major loss in quality. The developers claim that a 10.5 GB recording becomes a 2.8 MB file. This allows Rewind AI to “store years of recordings”.

The app also uses OCR to identify text content along with speech recognition to provide powerful search capabilities. In a brief explainer video shared by the company, we can see that the app’s interface has a search bar where users can go back to a specific time of day simply by typing a word or phrase.

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Interestingly, Rewind AI was made for Mac with Apple Silicon chips. This is because it uses specific features of Apple’s SoCs to record everything without overusing system resources like CPU and RAM. “It’s an almost imperceptible feeling,” says the app’s website.

privacy concerns

However, there are many privacy concerns about the app that records everything that users do on their computers. The Rewind AI website says that the recordings are stored locally and that the app has no cloud integration. Users can also delete recordings at any time, as well as exclude certain apps from recordings.

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still, ArsTechnica He notes that there are many other situations that can put users at risk. This includes potential abuse of superiors, law enforcement, and repressive governments. Not to mention the legal issues of logging sensitive information or potential data leaks.

There is no word on when the Rewind AI program will be released to the public. Those interested in trying out the platform can register on the company’s website. Do you use such software? Let us know in the comments below.

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