‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6: Showrunner Explains That Venusian Wine

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Come back after you’ve zeroed in on Rick and Morty, Season 6 Episodes 1 through 6.

Angry Asteroids. Shocking fortune cookies. Aliens quoting Die Hard. First half Rick and Morty’s Season six is ​​stacked with unforgettable adventures. Fortunately, there are four more parts to come.

I spoke with showrunner Scott Marder and the Rick and Morty cast during the season 6 hiatus, which concludes with the release of episode 7 on Sunday in Adult Swim. They shared some details about “the real deal” Rick from the premiere. those The much-discussed ending to episode 3, Bethic Twinstinct (sorry for those who checked out the final scene – it seems the Bethes partook in some plain old red wine); And why Rick couldn’t just start a portal and get back up and running quickly.

“I think it’s probably something he’s capable of fixing, but it’s also Rick’s, like, ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow,'” Madder told me via Zoom last week about Rick’s malfunctioning portal travel gun. “So we had a laugh when Rick kindly kicked the can down the road [episode 6’s genius dinosaurs] Like ‘we can fix it’.

The season premiere, Solaricks, finds Rick and Morty stranded without a working portal gun after the events of the Season 5 finale, which saw the gun hacked by Evil Morty. The device remains out of commission for a few more episodes.

“We really wanted to feel like what Evil Morty did [season 5, episode 10] It’s not like it’s just a quick and easy thing,” Madder said. “He’s like a fan favorite villain. So we wanted what he did to have big consequences. “

Solaricks also featured a character that fans knew was integral to Rick’s past.

When Rick tries to reset the portal, he and Morty are transported back to their original realities. Morty later learns that he shares that dimension with Rick, who unfortunately killed our Rick’s wife, Diane.

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Known by show people as Rick Prime, the character first dances naked (he could be himself or a clone) and then dons his signature purple jacket (he talks about being naked). When the villain will appear next and what will happen when he does is anyone’s guess. Justin Roiland, who co-created the show with Dan Harmon, told me a little about this “very intelligent” Rick… I’m a little worried about our Rick and Morty.

“At least with our Rick, a little sympathy, like Morty and the family bond, a little, maybe, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, right?” Roiland said. “We’ve seen that, you know, here and there. But this Rick has none of that.”

“Like really, no hell. No, like, in a really dark, dark way. Like an active psychopathic, hateful way,” Roiland said.

The mysterious ‘Venusian’ wine

On a lighter note, the Solaricks brought Space Beth back on board, allowing for an episode that gave “self-love” a whole new meaning.

Rick previously cloned his older daughter Beth, and Space Beth is either the original or the clone. Bethic Twinstinct features Beth voice actress Sarah Chalke as twin versions of her character fall for each other.

“It’s one of the most unique things I’ve done in my career and in my career on Rick and Morty,” said Chalke, who is also known for starring in the comedy series Scrubs.

Before their highly unconventional romance blossoms, the two Beths share some “Venusian” wine (from Venus, presumably). In the episode’s final scene — as Rick and his grandchildren scurry audibly in another room after suffering a meal — Rick wordlessly locks a hidden cabinet with a remote, racks the wine and removes the remote with a garbage disposal.

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After Rick’s one-on-one time with Vine, some fans theorized that drink could play a big role in what unfolds between the two Beths. (Did Rick know something we didn’t about its contents? Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty, after all).

While the show Rick and Morty often takes a more complicated route, this scene should actually be pretty simple, according to Madder.

“It was supposed to be a stupid joke,” Madder said. “I feel like the Internet really got away with it.”

Really like it? Nothing there?

“There was nothing supernatural about it,” Madder said. “It was just what the two of them did to loosen up in the kitchen. I think Rick was like, ‘Damn you wine,’ like, ‘You get us in trouble every now and then.’ I think that’s what it really was.”

Chalke’s Beth speaks “Venusian” in the episode, but it’s actually French. (Chalk spoke French in school from kindergarten through 12th grade.) The show’s co-creator Dan Herman suggested renaming it “French” late in the game, and at first Madder thought he’d need to crack the whip. language.

“[Harmon’s] Like ‘no, just you Contact It’s Venus,” said Marder. “It remains French.”

More ‘crazy’ adventures to come

Another Season 6 highlight is Night Family, an episode in which the Smith family assigns unwanted tasks to their unconscious bodies while they sleep… with only minor consequences. In a twist, Rick’s granddaughter, Summer, is named the leader of their monstrous “night” allies, not Rick. Voice actress Spencer Grammer said she embraced the opportunity to “get really mean.”

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“I’ve wanted to do it for a while,” Grammer said.

There’s also Final DeSmithation, where Jerry (Rick’s son-in-law, Beth’s husband) is destined to have sex with his mother after reading a fortune cookie fortune. And so begins the hilarious Rick and Jerry adventure.

“I like the idea that you’re reading a fortune cookie, but … there’s some tricks behind the scenes to get you that luck,” said Chris Parnell, who voices Jerry. “I thought, ‘Wow, they can justify anything.’ They can offer a way to understand anything.”

According to Madder, the idea for that episode was an immediate yes.

Harmon, he said, “immediately put it on a post-it and slapped it on the board like ‘episode’!”

A preview for the rest of season 6 teases what looks like a humanoid bug in a letter coat, with Morty engaged in a sword fight and Rick visiting Dr. Wong, a recurring character voiced by Susan Sarandon. The intelligent therapist first appeared in the Emmy-winning Season 3 episode Pickle Rick.

You should probably grab your glopidrop-ice cream pint now, because Madder said the back half of the season is stacked with first.

“If you’re happy with what you’ve seen so far in Season 6, I think we’ve got some really action-crazy ones for the rest of the season,” Madder said. “This final quarter is like one of my absolute favorite episodes of the show.”

New Rick and Morty episodes Airs on Sundays on Adult Swim. Rick and Morty’s sixth season is expected to eventually arrive on HBO Max and Hulu (which has access for those without Hulu Plus Live TV).


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