Strike Aviation strengthens position in Latin America with Amerijet



The international air cargo company Strike Aviation signed a Representative agreement with the US air transport company Amerijet International, based in Miami, Florida, in early November. For Strike Aviation, the new contract will offer a variety of new opportunities, including a greater range of services to customers, geographic expansion, and a stronger competitive position in the market.

“Strike Aviation is constantly expanding its network of world-class airlines in line with international air cargo demand. We can see a huge potential for cargo transport between Poland and Latin America. The new partnership with Amerijet will allow us to tap this potential and significantly strengthen our position in Polish market. It is an important step for the successful development of Strike Aviation. In cooperation with Amerijet, we will have the opportunity to transport both standard and oversized cargo,” said Andrius Antanaitis, Business Development Director for Europe at Strike Aviation.

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“We are excited to develop our partnership with Strike Aviation, our combined services will cover strategically important territory. We look forward to developing new partnerships and providing industry-leading solutions to our customers,” said Eric Wilson, CCO Amerijet.

Strike Aviation Poland Sp. The zoo has been operating in Poland since 2013. The headquarters is located in Warsaw, but sales operations are also developed in Krakow.

Strike Aviation operates from major air cargo hubs in Europe, North, and South America and has offices in 26 cities globally, including offices in all three Baltic states and Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

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Amerijet is a fast-growing US cargo airline that has developed an excellent freight network for flights between Europe, the US, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The company has been known for almost 50 years as one of the most important cargo operators in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, and has recently strengthened its position in Europe. Amerijet specializes in transporting pharmaceutical products, temperature-sensitive items such as fruit and flowers, heavy cargo, hazardous materials, live animals and other items. Amerijet is the preferred air cargo partner for shippers across many industries.

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About Strike Aviation

Strike Aviation is an air freight business established in 1997 with special expertise in perishables and other air cargo. Its customers include IATA CASS (Cargo Accounts Settlement Systems) and non-CASS agents around the world. The company has offices in 26 cities, including Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Miami, Lima and Bogota as well as Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn in the Baltic region and the Polish capital Warsaw. The team uses state-of-the-art ITC technology to manage all operations effectively: from bookings and track-and-track activities to post-flight procedures, flight revenue reports and cargo yield analysis.


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