Waco events help boost economy

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – From cilobrations to rowing competitions, events in Waco bring more footfall to the area.

More visitors result in additional money for the city’s economy.

Waco’s interim director of conventions and tourism, Dan Quandt, said September’s occupancy here is 72.3 percent, the highest of any metropolitan area in Texas.

With more events starting soon in town officials are hoping to bring that number up.

Quandt said more guests visiting the area help boost the economy.

“When you bring in people from the outside to participate in our economy, those are new dollars that really provide the economic impact that we’re looking for,” Quandt said.

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Quandt said visitors spend nearly $1.2 million a day in Waco.

In 2022, occupancy reached over 90% during Baylor’s Homecoming and Ironman Waco weekends.

Quadnt said that’s a jump from the 70 percent average.

“On average, we’re probably in the top 70 percent. It’s pretty good to start with seven out of 10 rooms to use, kick that up to more than nine out of 10, that’s almost unheard of. From a tourism’s standpoint, that’s Extremely strong,” said Quandt.

Tourism could get even stronger with the Waco Rowing Regatta coming to town this weekend.

Director of the Greater Waco Sports Commission, Mike Vogelaar, predicts that the competition will also bring more guests and future events.

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“We want to create an economic impact through sports, but also improve the quality of life for local residents. Not only will this bring travel and tourism with all the teams competing, but in the future, there will be winter training, it will His other competitions,” said Vogelaar.

President of the Perryman Group and Research Company, Ray Perryman, said that these events not only help the economy of Waco, but also the surrounding cities.

“People will spend money all over the area when they’re in town. The other thing is you have a supply chain. You know people who provide all the other facilities, people who work in the facilities, all these people are involved. For example, People who live in Woodway and Hewitt who work at some of these venues, they get a paycheck and spend it in the communities,” Perryman said.

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Quandt said more dollars plus people getting to know the city better is a win-win.

“It’s not all about the dollars and cents. It’s about showcasing Waco and creating a new image of Waco in people’s minds,” Quandt said.

Waco Rowing Regatta is this weekend.

Officials said there will be about a thousand competitors and 2,500 people visiting to watch.


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