Why it’s time to focus on hybrid cloud management

Kevin Kemp from Micro Focus, South Africa

with more than 93% of companies around the world use hybrid clouds According to Research in Action (RIA), technology is a good part of the business landscape.

But the company also notes that “there are still more than 40% of companies without hybrid cloud management solutions in productive use.” The ability to combine the resilience of public cloud resources with the security of on-premises infrastructure has revolutionized the way many businesses are run, and managing hybrid clouds is the way to make sure the technology delivers on its promises.

The widespread use of both private and public cloud technology makes one’s choice of partner critical to business success, says Micro Focus South Africa’s Director of Business Development, Kevin Kemp. “As a standard feature of digitally transformed businesses, it’s important to get the basics right.”

Kemp points to data security as a prime example. “Whether the threats are opportunistic or whether they are serious threat actors, companies of all sizes are subject to things like ransomware and social engineering,” Kemp says. “Successful operation of business-critical hybrid cloud platforms assumes that these threats are appropriately mitigated. Effective hybrid cloud management incorporates this type of protection.

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Hybrid configuration will remain necessary and appropriate as long as companies (or regulatory authorities) maintain data policies that prevent some types of data from being hosted off-site. Hybrid cloud combines the best of both worlds, with the added security of proprietary data centers combined with the scalable flexibility of public cloud facilities. The use of business-critical SaaS/PaaS (Software/Platform as a Service) applications is now commonplace in many hybrid enterprise clouds, and its impact on operations and profitability is remarkable.


Just take Air France-KLM, for example. When the company was looking for ways to deliver IT services faster and more cost-effectively in a turbulent and competitive market, it used hybrid cloud technology to improve efficiency at scale and introduce orchestration as a symbol.

Results? 400% improvement in productivity improvement through parallel workflow implementation and reuse. The airline has also achieved effective and continuous DevOps delivery by creating workflows in hours instead of days, and combining flexibility and ease of use with full integration capabilities.

“Concurrent HCM workflows perform up to four times faster than traditional single-stream sequential execution, so there are huge time gains. This gives us the scalability we wanted. In coordinating full lifecycle management, we have reduced our time to marketing and improved the quality of our services.” – Trajce Golomeov, Automation and Technical Cloud Engineer, Air France-KLM

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The use of hybrid clouds in organizations has proliferated in recent years. According to RIA, within two years, 99% of all organizations around the world will use hybrid clouds. In the same time frame, only 1% of companies globally will not use any hybrid cloud management solutions at all.

To help customers find the best partners available to manage their hybrid cloud infrastructures, RIA created the Vendor Selection Matrix by surveying more than 1,500 IT and business decision-makers for the 2022¹ Global Best Sellers Report. First, the research revealed the top five features of an effective hybrid cloud management solution as follows:

  • Support all leading public and private cloud platforms
  • Cost control and cost optimization
  • Support multi-cloud provider workload shifting
  • Automatic detection and mapping of service dependency
  • comprehensive performance management

Micro Focus Market Leadership

RIA has selected Micro Focus as a global leader in two areas: hybrid cloud management solutions and hybrid cloud infrastructure management solutions. Micro Focus customers are given the highest levels of satisfaction and the highest value for money.

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“The broad portfolio and excellent integration of its solutions with industry-specific solutions and data elements make Micro Focus an excellent partner for all global organizations on their digital business transformation journey.” – RIA Vendor Selection Matrix Report

Customer feedback for Micro Focus was clear, with 1,500 enterprise managers interviewed giving the company the highest rating of all vendors. Our global sales team, implementation partner ecosystem and system integrators position Micro Focus in a strong position to maintain its market leadership.

Managing the market-leading hybrid cloud isn’t easy. Hybrid data centers create many potential management issues, as they provide flexibility, scalability, and data governance/security benefits, yet hybrid infrastructures make managing networks, servers, storage, and software inherently more complex. “Your choice of partner is critical. Make it carefully,” concludes Kemp.

63% of the rating is based on buyer ratings, while 37% is based on analyst judgment after extensive interviews with sellers and their customers.

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