Woman’s cunning plan after family member’s lottery win divides internet

A woman has sparked outrage by admitting to her cunning plans to keep most of her A$13,350 lottery winnings after her estranged uncle asked her to check his tickets.

Her niece, from Canada, said she was “really surprised” when her uncle called her “all of a sudden to ask for a favor” after he had traveled to her state without visiting her.

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During his short trip, he bought a few provincial lottery tickets.

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Once he got home, he wasn’t able to check whether they “won or not” – so he asked if she could do it.

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Upon checking, I found out that one of the lottery tickets won 12,000 Canadian dollars.

“Not quite a life-changing amount, but enough to replace my furnace right before another cold Canadian winter in front of a space heater,” she said in a Reddit thread.

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A woman is infuriated by confessing plans to keep lottery winnings after her uncle asks her to check his tickets (Stock Photo). attributed to him: web photographer/Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Now, if you bought the original ticket, everything will be fine and great.

“But I feel I might be an a**h*** here if I hadn’t informed my uncle and offered to split the prize.”

The woman said the situation started when she received an unexpected text message from her uncle, whom she had seen only twice in the past 15 years.

He explained how he was unable to access the website because his IP address showed he was not in the “correct province”.

“He sent pictures of the tickets, I downloaded the lottery app, found a way to check the tickets, and found one that won twice in free plays,” she said.

One ticket won a lot

“Obviously, these were useless to my uncle, so he offered to mail me the ticket.

“Sure, I said, I don’t play the lottery but I guess I won’t let his winnings go to waste.

“So I got the tickets, went and cashed in the free plays, and after a week it turned out that someone had won a lot.”

The woman explained how she had “bought” the winning ticket in her name.

“I just bought it from my uncle’s free play, not cash. So my name is signed on the winning ticket line,” she said.

“I mean, the tickets were useless to him without me, and I picked the one that won the most, but I didn’t spend any money on any lottery tickets.”

Her niece was “surprised” when her uncle called her “immediately to ask for a favour”. attributed to him: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

She said she was considering telling her uncle that his ticket won “less than $12,000” so she could pay the difference.

“My uncle and I never agreed on what to do with any winnings—I don’t think either of us thought that would happen,” she said.

“The closest we got was that I texted him when I got the tickets in the mail and said, ‘I’ll let you know if anything comes from them.'”

“Should I tell him I won, but only like $3,000, and see what his reaction is?

“Then, in a worst-case scenario, I’m the gifted niece who won $3,000 and gave everything to my relative, and I still had enough for most of my new heating solutions.”

I am terrified

Despite her reflection, her niece admits that she knows her plan is “no great thing”.

“It makes me feel bad,” she said.

“I think I’m too honest for my own good.”

The woman said she planned to “tell my uncle the truth.”

“I’m going to text him in the morning,” she said, “I honestly don’t care much about money and I’d rather have good karma.”

“I’ll see what he wants to do, and if he wants all of it, I suggest I keep a few dollars for my business — like $20 — and call it a good name.”

She said she was thinking of telling her uncle his ticket won less than $12,000 so she could pocket the difference (stock photo). attributed to him: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Robbery or fair?

It’s unclear if the woman followed through with her plans to express herself — but many were divided about her story.

“You a**h*** majorly. This money isn’t yours, and you’re clearly not happy helping people when you’re now thinking of stealing the money they’ve won,” said one.

Another suggested: “If you don’t discuss what to do with any potential winnings, you technically haven’t done anything wrong. On the other hand, I only got the tickets because of him, so if it were me, I’d offer him half of the winnings.”

One said, “For me personally, I’d offer half, just because I’d hate for something like that to come up between family members (we all know what money can do to some people), though she’s under no obligation to do so, and it’s nice to show.”

Divide it 50/50

Another wrote: “You a**h*** for not at least splitting it 50/50. He bought it, you did the leg, and you wouldn’t have any without him.”

One of them added, “You ain’t an a**h***. The tickets he bought won a free ticket. He gave you his tickets. It would be nice if you gave your uncle some of the prize but not half of it. They were a gift to you. He wouldn’t know the difference.”

While another suggested: “They were not a gift. The uncle sent it to her because he was in no position to redeem it. The winnings belong to him and taking the money for herself would be robbery.”

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