World Series Game 1 – Lineups, highlights and takeaways

The first game of the 2022 World Series is finally here.

Starting with the American League, the Houston Astros went on to become one of the best modern dynasties in baseball. It was their fourth World Series in six years, and they were rough in the playoffs, sweeping the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees in decisive fashion. Both Jeremy Pena and Chas McCormick had a blast in the AL Championship Series with four home runs and over 1.000 OPS.

In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies continue their Cinderella run. After winning just 87 games in the regular season, the Phillies had a solid postseason run of 9-2, including a 3-1 win over defending champion Atlanta Braves in the NL Division Series team. The team stayed in the doldrums throughout the playoffs, with Kyle Schwaber hitting a 488-footer and Bryce Harper hitting a historic series title in the NLCS.

Will Philadelphia knock out the juggernaut, or will Houston add a second title to its repertoire? It all started Friday night in Houston. We’ll provide all the best highlights, analysis, and takeaways here.

keltaq game

The game got out of hand early as Kyle Tucker unloaded a 3-run homer off a 3-2 sinker from Aaron Nola and made it in the third The Astros at the bottom of the quarter led 5-0. John Smoltz made a good point on the radio that Nora didn’t seem to want to go back to his change as Tucker homered in the second inning. So even though Nora went 0-2, he stuck with the fastball and curveball. Tucker locked down the fastball and smashed it at 105.3 mph and 395 feet, becoming the first Astros player to have a multi-home run game in the World Series. We still have plenty of time to see if Tucker can play a third base with Babe Ruth (twice), Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols and Pablo Sandoval Play the World Series. – David Schoenfield

Verlander is trading

Justin Verlander’s reputation in the playoffs is largely based on a two-game dominant performance against the Yankees in the 2017 ALCS. His World Series history, however, is another story: He went 0-6 with a 5.68 ERA in seven career games. It’s the third-worst ERA among pitchers who have started at least five World Series games. Early on, however, he’s been cruising: nine ups and nines downs in three innings, four strikeouts, including Bryce Harper’s 3-pointer, when he kept Harper at the top of the zone in a row Three fastball swings and misses. – Schoenfeld

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Tucker opens the scoring

Houston’s underrated star Kyle Tucker put Game 1 of the World Series on the board with Aaron Nola’s 1-1 substitution out of place. That bodes badly for Nora. He played well in his first two starts in the playoffs, allowing a free-for-all in 12.2 innings, but hit two home runs in the second NLCS loss to the Padres, in the process 4-0 lead. The Astros also increased his pitching in the first two innings, another bad sign for the Phillies, who don’t have the depth of the Astros’ bullpen in case Nora can’t play six or Seven innings. Another bad news for the Phillies: Martin Maldonado singles to win 2-0: The Astros return to the regular season with a 22-game winning streak while scoring first. – Schoenfeld

Simone Biles on behalf of Houston

Eagles play for Phillies

More pre-game fashion

Harper Channel Mike Schmidt

Bryce Harper walked into Game 1 wearing the jersey of Philadelphia Phillies legend and Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt. This isn’t the first time Harper has paid homage to Schmidt — earlier this season, he snapped a photo that recreated Schmidt’s iconic 1987 Phillies media guide cover.

Lineup and pitching for Game 1

Starter: Aaron Nola (11-13, 205 IP, 3.25 ERA, 235 K) vs. Justin Verlander (18-4, 175 IP, 1.75 ERA, 185 K)

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Philadelphia Phillies

1. Kyle Schwaber (left) LF (0.218 AVG, 46 HR, 0.827 OPS)
2. Rhys Hoskins (R) 1B (0.246 AVG, 30 HR, .794 OPS)
3. JT Realmuto (R) C (.276 HR, 22 HR, .820 OPS)
4. Bryce Harper (left) DH (0.286 AVG, 18 HR, 0.877 OPS)
5. Nick Castellanos (R) RF (.263 AVG, 13 HR, .694 OPS)
6. Alec Bohm (R) 3B (.280 AVG, 13 HR, .713 OPS)
7. Bryson Stott (left) SS (0.234 AVG, 10 HR, 0.653 OPS)
8. Jean Segura (R) 2B (.277 AVG, 10 HR, .723 OPS)
9. Brandon Marsh (R) CF (.245 AVG, 11 HR, .679 OPS)

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houston astros

1. Jose Altuve (R) 2B (.300 AVG, 28 HR, .921 OPS)
2. Jeremy Pena (R) SS (.253 AVG, 22 HR, .715 OPS)
3. Yordan Alvarez (L) LF (0.306 AVG, 37 HR, 1.019 OPS)
4. Alex Bregman (R) 3B (.259 AVG, 23 HR, .820 OPS)
5. Kyle Tucker (left) RF (0.257 AVG, 30 HR, 0.808 OPS)
6. Yuli Gurriel (R) 1B (.242 AVG, 8 HR, .647 OPS)
7. Trey Mancini (R) DH (.239 AVG, 16I’m HR, .751 OPS)
8. Chas McCormick (R) CF (.245 AVG, 14 HR, .738 OPS)
9. Martin Maldonado (R) C (.186 AVG, 15 HR, .600 OPS)


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